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Renee McClure is the Education Coordinator and Clinical Coordinator at St. Francois County Ambulance District. With a rich background in emergency medical services, as both a Nationally Registered Paramedic and a Community Paramedic, Renee brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her positions. Renee has 19 years of experience in EMS, all of which have been with SFCAD.  

Beyond her contributions to SFCAD, Renee is deeply committed to the education and advancement of emergency medical professionals. Beginning her career as an educator, Renee began instructing the EMT course at Mineral Area College and was also an adjunct instructor for the paramedic program. Renee has a passion for shaping the next generation of paramedics with her extensive experience and insight.  

As the QA/QI officer at SFCAD, Renee oversees compliance and ensures that the highest standards of care and operational excellence are consistently met.  

Renee’s dedication to excellence in the emergency medical field was recognized in 2017 when she was honored with the prestigious Star of Life award, a testament to her commitment and contributions to her community and profession.  

Renee is pursuing a new milestone in her professional journey, working towards obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. This goal reflects her continuous ambition to grow and contribute meaningfully to the healthcare sector, particularly in administrative leadership.  

Renee’s professional life is paralleled by a rich personal life, where she finds joy and relaxation in supporting her four children in their various sports activities. Along with her two dogs, Mylee and Jedi, Renee’s family life is a source of inspiration and motivation, driving her to excel in her professional endeavors while maintaining a meaningful and fulfilling personal life. 

Renee McClure

Renee McClure

Education Coordinator
Clinical Coordinator 

St. Francois County Ambulance District
573.431.0030 ext. 1901

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