Jessica’s Bio:

Jessica Chitwood is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and EMS Supervisor with St. Francois County Ambulance District. With a decade of dedicated service under her belt, Jessica’s journey in EMS is marked by her deep-seated dedication to community welfare and professional development. 

Jessica began her career with a solid foundation, holding an Associate Degree in General Studies, and then obtained a Certificate in Fundamentals of Critical Care Transport. Her proficiency and dedication to her field were recognized in 2019 when she was honored as Paramedic of the Year, a testament to her skill, compassion, and unwavering commitment to those in her care. 

Before stepping into her current role as EMS Supervisor, Jessica enriched the EMS community as an adjunct faculty member at Mineral Area College, where she shared her knowledge and passion for emergency medical care with aspiring paramedics. Her commitment to excellence didn’t stop at education. At SFCAD, she excelled as a Field Training Officer and Preceptor, guiding new paramedics through the intricacies of emergency care and preparing them for the field’s challenges with wisdom and patience. 

Jessica’s aspirations reflect her unwavering commitment to personal and community growth. She aims to expand her role within the community by becoming a Community Paramedic, a position that promises to leverage her extensive experience for even greater community impact. Furthermore, Jessica is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree. This step will not only enhance her expertise but also empower her to make even more significant contributions to EMS and her community. 

Away from the demands of her professional life, Jessica finds joy and rejuvenation in the company of her family. Married to her best friend, she is a proud parent to two amazing bonus daughters. Their family is completed by their two dogs, Loki and Roo, bringing laughter and energy into their lives. Jessica treasures travel and outdoor adventures, activities that allow her to recharge and foster the strong family bonds that are so important to her. 

Jessica Chitwood

Jessica Chitwood

EMS Supervisor

St. Francois County Ambulance District
573.431.0030 ext. 1402

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